SAFETY is the #1 priority at Chef Pilot & Truck Services. With over 30 years combined experience in oversized hauling and the highest standart of certification (Washington State) you can be assured that your load wil be delivered safely to it's desitination.

All our Class 1 drivers have in house training in traffic safety, proper piloting techniques, PPE equipment, carry commercial liability insurance and are registered with WCB.


Chef Pilot and Truck Service Ltd
Box 572 Landmark Manitoba, ROA OXO - Phone: 204-793-7077

Canadian / US Pilot Truck Services • We operate in Manitoba • Ontario • Saskatchewan • Alberta • Western canada • Eastern Canada • US • Long hauls • Oversized load • Cross country Hauling • Camper pick up • Hot shot service • Safety • Insured • Ceertified

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Chef Pilot and Truck Services Ltd. are proud members of the National Pilot Car Association
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